Step into history as our guides, dressed as famous personalities of Zagreb’s past lead you through the secrets of the capital city. Zagreb is a city where tradition meets contemporary thought and vision. Take the panoramic drive through the many parks that are strung throughout this city, stroll along the streets of the medieval Upper Town and listen to stories of the past, have your photo taken in front of the colourful St. Mark's Church and catch the best view of Zagreb from under the Lotrščak Tower. Complete your journey with a coffee in one of Zagreb's many cafes, all in the company of your costumed guide.
Some of the attractions seen during the tour: Ban Jelačić Square, the Zagreb Cathedral, the Dolac Outdoor Market, Bloody Bridge Street, Stone Gate, Lotrščak Tower, St. Mark's Church and Square, the Croatian National Parliament.
Date/day of departure: Friday, 13 September, 2024.
Language: English
Duration of the tour: 2-3 h
Price per person: 50,00 EUR (min. 20 pax)


KRAPINA (The Museum of Krapina Neanderthals) & TRAKOŠĆAN CASTLE

In 1899 at this site were found the largest number of Neanderthal fossil bones in Europe, some nine hundred human remains from about eighty individuals, as well as bones of various animals dating back 125 000 BC. Experts from all over the world have conducted research on the collection and their interpretation of the Krapina findings influenced different scientific theories about human development, the genesis of our civilisation and about how human communities in Europe lived during the Pleistocene period
Next to the archaeological site, the Krapina Neanderthal Museum presents today and in an interactive way the origin of life on Earth and the evolution of humankind.
When people say Zagorje is a land of fairytale castles, Trakošćan is probably what they have in mind. A white huddle of towers and battlements perched above a lake, surrounded by hills and forests, Trakošćan possesses a spectacular beauty. It developed from its initial use as a defensive lookout in the 13th century into the residence of the Drašković family, who expanded the fortress in a romantic style in the 19th century. The wellpreserved castle is home to a museum on four floors, with rooms representing various styles of interior decoration.
Date/day of departure: Friday, 13 September, 2024.
Language: English
Duration of the tour: 7 h
Price per person: 150,00 EUR (min. 20 pax)
Price includes: Transfer by bus, tour guide, museum entrance tickets, refreshment
Distance from Zagreb to Krapina: 65 km
Distance from Krapina to Trakošćan castle: 21 km



There are 10 localities in Croatia that are part of UNESCO List of World Heritage sites. Plitvice Lakes is Croatia's best known national park and the only Croatian natural jewel that is on the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites. The main attractions of this park, unique in the world, are the 16 small lakes joined by waterfalls created by the sedimentation of travertine, a special type of limestone. This national park encompasses the source of the river Korana, located in the area surrounded by dense forests of beech, fir and spruce. There are also several caves in the park, as well as springs and flowering meadows. The brown bear stands out as one of many protected animal species. The popularity of this park is also boosted by the special means of transport used to ferry visitors around: the panoramic electric trains and the noiseless electro-powered boats.
Date/day of departure: Friday, 13 September, 2024.
Language: English
Duration of the tour: 8 h
Price per person: 160,00 EUR (min. 20 pax)
Price includes: Transfer by bus, tour guide, entrance tickets, refreshment
Distance from Zagreb to Plitvice: 140 km

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